Best Uf Sororities (2024)

1. SORORITY RANKINGS 2022 - University of Florida - UF - Greekrank

  • 29 sep 2022 · Actual accurate ranking of sororities at UF Top Tier 1. Alpha Delta Pi - ΑΔΠ 1. Delta Delta Delta - ΔΔΔ 2. Delta Gamma - ΔΓ 2.

  • Actual accurate ranking of sororities at UF Top Tier 1. Alpha Delta Pi - ΑΔΠ 1. Delta Delta Delta - ΔΔΔ 2. Delta Gamma - ΔΓ 2. Kappa Delta - ΚΔ - University of Florida - UF Discussion

2. University of Florida - UF - Sororities - Greekrank

  • Kappa Kappa Gamma - ΚΚΓ · Delta Delta Delta - ΔΔΔ · Kappa Alpha Theta - ΚΑΘ

  • Sorority reviews, ratings, and rankings for University of Florida - UF greek life - Greekrank

3. Sororities at UF - Forums

  • The vast majority of sororities at UF are very strong, usually have over 100+ to 150 sisters, have good grades, and are very involved on campus. Some houses are ...

  • Quote:

4. UF Greek Life! Sororities! - College Confidential Forums

5. [PDF] Fall-2022-Grade-Report.pdf - - University of Florida

  • NM. Sem. GPA. 1. Sigma Phi Epsilon. 37. 3.72. 114. 3.47. 151. 3.60. 3.53. Fraternity. 2. Alpha Epsilon Pi. 43. 3.57. 118. 3.49. 161. 3.56. 3.51. Fraternity.

6. Top 10 Universities for Sorority Life in the United States - College Magazine

  • Overall, Greek life makes up 15% of UF's student population. There are 18 sororities on UF's campus, giving rushes plenty of options to find their forever home.

  • Sorority life is a longstanding tradition for U.S. campuses. Immerse yourself in the full, Greek college experience at these 10 schools!

7. Interfraternity Council (IFC) - Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution

  • Alpha Epsilon Pi. CURRENT STATUS: GOOD CONDUCT STANDING. N/A. CONDUCT ... UF Phonebook · Weather · UF Admissions. Follow Us. Copyright © 2024 Division of Student ...


8. UF Off-Campus Housing vs. Sorority House - Swamp Rentals

9. Greek life - University of Florida - College Confidential Forums

  • 14 jun 2011 · 5.

    gator4ever, AEPi is a really good Jewish oriented house on UF campus. My S got a bid from it and 2 other fraternities, but ultimately ...

  • does anyone know anything about the different sororities?

    specifically alpha epsilon phi or zeta tau alpha, but anything would be appreciated (:


10. Apartments Near Sorority Row UF - Gainesville - Trimark Properties

  • ... sorority houses at UF. It's a great place for all UF students, even if they aren't members of a sorority, because it's a highly populated area but still ...

  • Hey Sorority Sista, check out these Insta-Worthy & Luxurious Studio-5BR Apartments just Steps from UF Campus, Sorority Row, and Norman Hall, now leasing for Fall '21!

11. Sorority Row & South Gainesville Neighborhood - Swamp Rentals

  • ... sorority houses while enjoying UF off-campus apartment living. As you travel ... Best UF Off Campus Housing · UF Graduate Students · Apartments near Santa Fe ...

  • Is the Sorority Row or South Gainesville neighborhood right for you? Watch the video, explore the guide, and get to know South Gainesville, FL.

12. Alpha Phi | UF Panhellenic Council

  • For Alpha Phis it's the little moments that turn into life-long memories and that build our sisterhood. Like having your best friends turn into your roommates ...

  • Learn more about Alpha Phi at the University of Florida.

13. Best Apartments Near Sorority Row UF

  • 11 apr 2016 · One of the more affordable apartments, University Heights is cozy and quiet and located across the street from Sorority Row. These apartments ...

  • Fall breeds new beginnings in a college town; there’s the start of a new school year/semester, football season is on the rise, and then there’s sorority recruitment. The girls spend about 10 days out in the summer sun, preparing to be their best, hoping to get a bid at the end of it. The girls form bonds that turn into long lasting friendships that can withstand years after college life. Once you’ve been initiated, there are perpetual Panhellenic events that bring Greek life students together and form a community. For those who want to remain involved, there’s always options to live in the sorority house, but that comes with limited spacing, and many prefer the apartments near sorority row UF, as it’s a great option.

Best Uf Sororities (2024)


What is the hardest sorority to get into at UF? ›

if you're new to greek life, sororities rank other sororities to try to lower the others' score. (ADPI especially does this) so take everything you read with a grain of salt. At the end of the day, when it comes to tri delt, it is the hardest sorority to get into.

What are the most sought after sororities? ›

Here are the country's leading sororities that are best known for their contributions to their colleges and universities, and the society:
  • Zeta Tau Alpha.
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma.
  • Delta Delta Delta.
  • Gamma Phi Beta.
  • Alpha Phi.
  • Sigma Sigma Sigma.
  • Delta Gamma.
  • Delta Zeta.

What is the number 1 sorority? ›

The largest sorority by membership is Chi Omega, also called “Chi O,” and the largest sorority by active chapters is Alpha Omicron Pi, or “A O Pi” for short. These sororities are all members of the National Panhellenic Conference.

What percent of UF students are in Greek life? ›

What percent of University of Florida students participate in sororities? Nearly 19% of all undergraduates at the University of Florida participate in Greek life.

What are the stereotypes of Zeta Phi Beta? ›

Along with being seen as compassionate and smart women, the members of Zeta Phi Beta were stereotyped and characterized most often as being portly, unattractive, homely, and dark-skinned women.

What is a top tier sorority? ›

On the superficial level, top-tier sororities have members who are considered conventionally beautiful, wealthy, and socially active on campus. A survey conducted by Northwestern under the Institute of Policy Research evaluated participants' critiques and statements addressing their time in Greek life.

What are the four top black sororities? ›

There are four major sororities, all of which were established in early twentieth century, including Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (Howard University, 1908), Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (Howard University, 1913), Zeta Phi Beta Sorority (Howard University, 1920), and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority (Butler University, 1922).

What is the most common hazing in sororities? ›

The most common hazing behaviors included participating in a drinking game (47%); singing or chanting in public in a situation that is not a related event, game, or practice (27%); drinking large amounts of a non-alcoholic beverage (24%); drinking large amounts of alcohol to the point of getting sick or passing out (23 ...

How do sororities pick who they want? ›

The rounds of sorority recruitment typically operate on a mutual selection process. The PNMs have to choose what sororities they would like to visit for future rush events and sororities choose what PNMs they would like to see continue in the recruitment process.

Which sorority is hottest? ›

hottest sororities ranked
  • zeta.
  • kappa.
  • theta.
  • Tri Delt.
  • Chi o.
  • APhi.
  • AXO.
  • pi phi.
Feb 17, 2019

What is the most expensive sorority? ›

How much are the most expensive sorority dues? The most expensive sorority, or at least one of the most expensive, is the University of Alabama. A new member will pay over $4,000 per semester.

What is the best black sorority to join? ›

Delta Sigma Theta is one of the most well-known and respected black sororities in the United States. Established in 1913 at Howard University, Delta Sigma Theta has a rich history of promoting sisterhood, scholarship, and service.

What are some drawbacks with attending UF? ›

With strong alumni connections and competitive tuition rates, UF provides a well-rounded college experience. However, large class sizes and limited entertainment options may pose challenges for some students.

Are UF students happy? ›

All in all, students seem to leave happy. Of University of Florida alumni visiting, 53 percent report that they derive a high level of meaning from their jobs.

How much is sorority at UF? ›

According to the UF Panhellenic website (, dues for new members range from $2,000 to $4,800 for your first semester. Don't worry! I know this seems like a lot, but they drop to $1,300 to $2,700 after your first semester.

What is the new sorority at UF? ›

The newest sorority to the University of Florida, Alpha Phi, is building a brand-new house on the corner of S.W. 10th Street and S.W.

Is Kappa Kappa Gamma the best sorority? ›

Kappa Kappa Gamma (“Kappas”) is known for being a sorority of rich girls. Their reputation varies from campus to campus, but they are universally considered top-tier.

Is Alpha Chi Omega a top tier sorority? ›

AXO is officially mid tier.

What sorority is the first and finest? ›

Forever." The phrase "first, finest, forever" holds a lot of significance for the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. First: Alpha Delta Pi was the first sorority ever founded. Finest: Alpha Delta Pi holds its members to high standards and embodies the core principles of scholarship, leadership, service to others, and sisterhood.

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