Chapter 9


After a moment, Miroku, Sango and Shippo could move again. Miroku and Sango ran to Inuyasha’s side while Shippo went to see if Koga was alive. Miroku felt Inuyasha’s forehead. It was warm, way too warm. He was burning up. He was sweating buckets as well. His breathing was uneven. All signs of being poisoned. He looked to Sango, she was checking his pulse. From the look on her face, it wasn’t good. She looked at his wounds. She placed her finger on the edge of one of the cuts and scooped up a silver liquid. She examined the liquid carefully before she spoke to Miroku.

“Shadow poison.” Was all she said.

Miroku looked at Sango in confusion. He had heard of every kind of poison within Japan but he had never in his life heard of ‘Shadow Poison’. It must have been very bad by the look upon Sango’s face. Her eyes were layered with worry and shock. Sango looked to Miroku while she wiped the poison from her finger.

“We need to get Inuyasha to my village within the next hour and half or else he’ll die.”

Miroku’s face was drenched in shock.

“In less than an hour and a half! Sango! Your village is a day’s walk away! How are we supposed to get him there so quickly!?”

Sango smirked as she pointed behind her. Miroku looked to see Koga’s legs sticking up in the air as Shippo tried to pry his face from the boulder. A smile found its way to Miroku’s face when he realized what Sango had planed. They both watched as Shippo successfully pulled Koga out of the rock and proceeded to try and pry him from unconsciousness. His gaze was caught by Sango and Miroku’s smiles. He then knew he needed to wake up Koga in a hurry. Thinking quickly, Shippo lit Koga on fire with his fox fire. Everyone laughed when Koga jumped ten feet in the air. Shippo then put him out as Sango and Miroku motioned for Koga to go to them. Koga sat down next to Miroku as Sango explained the situation to the confused wolf prince.

“You see Koga? Kagome has just wants revenge against Inuyasha for whatever reason.”

“I get it now but, why do you need my help?”

“Simple Koga, we need you to take us to my village in less than hour.”

“That I can do but why?”

“We need to give Inuyasha the antidote to the poison Kagome put into his body before he dies.”

“Why? I thought Kagome wanted him dead?”

“She does but we know that when she does kill him, she’ll regret it and plus, without Inuyasha we can’t break through Naraku’s barrier.”

“Ok, I guess I’ll help you. But only for Kagome”

Kirara transformed. Sango hopped upon her back and waited for Miroku and Shippo to lift Inuyasha up to her. Once Inuyasha was secure, Miroku hopped on behind Sango. Sango threw a rope to Koga, who tied it around his waist. Sango gave Koga the signal to run when everyone was ready. Koga took off like a tornado with Kirara and everyone else being tugged behind him. Everyone held on tight as they were pulled through the forests and sped over water. They sped over mountains and threw valleys and before too long, the Demon Slayer’s village was in sight. They entered and carried Inuyasha into the medical hut. They laid him upon the mat while Sango pulled out a large vile. She walked over and poured the vile’s contents into Inuyasha’s mouth. After they forced him to swallow the liquid, they waited and prayed that they had made it in time. After a moment, Inuyasha began to cough and his body began to convulse. They had made it just in time.