Chapter 8


Everyone was silent as they watched Karappo. She stood, breathing heavily, as she stared at Inuyasha. Her eyes were aimed at the ground, no one could see them, even with her hair covering the one. They all could sense the anger and frustration flowing from every one of her cold pores. Her fists clenched as black flames erupted from her body. It was a magnificent sight if you didn’t know what was about to happen. While everyone was distracted by the flames, Karappo began her transformation. He black claws grew 5 times their normal length and turned a beautiful silver color. Her fangs extended past her chin and also turned silver. Her panther tail grew in length as well, it grew 5 feet. Black markings appeared upon her face, a Celtic symbol under her eye and a black cat paw print upon her forehead.

Everyone watched in horror as Karappo rose to a full standing position. The changes that had overcome her frightened even Inuyasha. The flames grew larger as her pre-transformation completed itself. They waited, a forced silence fell over all except Sesshomaru, who had gone into the forest to watch this battle from a safe distance. He had seen Karappo fight like this and honestly, you don’t want to be anywhere near her for the reason that she kills everything in her path. She still had no control over the demonic side, though she may use its power, she can’t control the demon itself.

Karappo’s eyes opened to reveal that they were that of a wild cats now. They glowed an acid green color that resembled the color of Sesshomaru’s toxic poison. She stared at her once called friends with an animalistic shine to her eyes. They also reflected a demonic glow. Those aren’t her eyes, they’re the eyes of another. Thought Inuyasha as he stared on. Not knowing what she would do next, he began to think of ways out of this situation with his life. Before he could finish that thought, she was charging at him like a black panther when it pounced upon its prey, her long, silver claws ready to dig into his hanyou carcass.

Inuyasha nearly missed being torn apart by Karappo’s claws. He had managed to get out of the way but his shoulder was in dire pain. It felt like it was on fire. While Inuyasha was absorbed in the pain from his wound, Karappo skidded to a stop and charged again, this time, catching the hanyou off guard. Her claws ripped through his chest, causing him more pain than hell itself could cause. She skidded to a stop and lowered herself into a pouncing position as she watched Inuyasha.

He let out a blood curdling scream, the pain was just too much. Those claws had felt like acid when they had torn through his flesh. The wounds felt like molten lava had been poured into them. His hands instinctively went to cover the wound but when his hand came in contact with it, he wished it hadn’t. The pain intensified by hundred fold. When he looked up, he saw her, waiting. Her pose reminded him of a predator waiting for the moment to strike. With that in mind, he did the only thing he could do in that situation. Run.

Inuyasha made a mad dash for the forest. Hoping, against all the odds, that she wouldn’t follow him. As he ran, the pain from his chest wound intensified then spread through his body. As the pain spread, he felt a presence following him. He recognized the presence as Karappo. When he came to a dead end, he stopped and looked around. He could feel her all around him, like she was everywhere at once. Suddenly, he turned and saw two glowing green cat eyes in the forest in front of him. Without hesitation, Inuyasha ran back. As he ran, he swore he felt her breath on the back of his neck, cold and forceful. He could feel her body running mere centimeters from his. He could feel her eyes boring into the back of his head. Shivers went up and down his spine. As continued to run, he began to slow down. What ever she had on her claws was slowing his speed, freezing his legs. In fact, he could barely move any of his limbs. When the clearing was in sight, he made a jump for it. In order to hopefully escape her before she grabbed him. As he soared through the air, he looked back to see that Karappo wasn’t behind him. As he looked ahead of him, he realized her true plan.

Karappo jumped out of the trees opposite of where Inuyasha was coming from. As she leapt through the air toward her prey, her skin began to tear into pieces. Before Inuyasha could do anything, Karappo had burst out of her human skin and revealed the new true her. Skin pealed away to reveal pitch black fur. Hands and feet exploded to reveal gigantic cat paws. Her whole body exploded to reveal a gigantic demon panther. Not just any demon panther, a shadow demon panther. She was at least 20 feet long, from nose to tail, and almost 8 feet tall. Her claws were at least 2 & 1/2 feet long and 6inches wide at the base.

Karappo’s massive body collided with Inuyasha’s small frame, both went hurtling down to earth. Karappo used Inuyasha’s body as a shield to protect herself from the impact when they landed. The force of their landing created a depression about 5 feet deep. Karappo pinned Inuyasha, with her massive paws, by his shoulders. Even if he could move, he wouldn’t be able to or he would be crushed under her weight. Inuyasha watched in pure horror as Karappo roared at him, revealing her 3 feet silver fangs. He noticed that her claws were the same color. He eyed her fangs carefully and noticed a silver liquid had gathered on the back and the ends of them. It was then he realized that Karappo had poisoned him when she had slashed him in the chest.

Karappo reared her head back, fangs soaked in the lethal poison and ready to stab him through. As her head came down, a flash of brown erupted from the forest and collided with Karappo’s rib cage. The force of the impact sent her flying into the forest only to collide with a large boulder. After the smoke cleared, everyone saw who had just signed their death certificate. Koga. He stood proudly over the immobile hanyou, staring at the giant cat he just demolished. After a moment, he noticed the hanyou at his feet.

“Where’s my woman mutt face?” he asked arrogantly.

Inuyasha stared a Koga a moment, he couldn’t answer because he couldn’t move. Instead, Shippo opted to answer Koga’s question for him.

“Koga, that shadow panther you just kicked was Kagome.” He said shakily.

Koga turned to see the giant cat stand on its forelegs. As it began to stand on its hind legs, it changed into a beautiful woman he recognized as his woman. Even though her appearance had changed, as well as her aura, he knew it was her.

“Kagome! I’ve missed you! What did mutt face do to you?” he shouted.

Karappo looked at him with her one visible eye before she vanished. Before anyone noticed she was gone, she was in front of Koga and hoisting him up in the air by his neck, her deadly poisoned claws threatening to enter his throat. Koga looked at her in fear as she opened her mouth to speak.

“If you ever call me Kagome again, I swear your death will be slow and painful just as the hanyou’s is. My name is Karappo! Use it or die.”

Karappo then threw Koga into the rock he had kicked her into. After he collided head first into the stone, she turned to the rest of the people there and gave them the same look she had given the wolf prince. They all shook in incomparable fear. She then turned and walked away. As she walked, she was joined by Sesshomaru before they completely vanished into the darkness of the forest.