by Kuro

Chapter 3


“Who the hell are you?”

Kagome was caught of guard by the sudden sound, though she didn’t show it. She turned slowly, finding sadistic joy at Inuyasha’s face. He had a look of pure fear and terror, something she had never seen on the face of the stubborn and strong hanyou. She suppressed the feeling of laughter as it would not only ruin this moment but ruin her as well. She stared on as Inuyasha regained himself and anger flooded his eyes again. Confusion and uncertainty flowed from every one of his pores as he took his usual fighting stance, his hand over the hilt of his favored sword, Tesusiaga. She merely huffed off his display of aggression meant to scare her.

Inuyasha stared on as the demoness huffed and continued to stare but with her chin held high, to show she wasn’t concerned. A smug scrap of a laugh escaped his throat as he tried not to be afraid when in reality, he was. He was terrified of this woman. Her look of indifference, much similar to that of Sesshomaru’s. Her black and crimson bangs covering half of her face, giving her a looked mystery and strength. Her stance, straight and perfect, battle ready as she observes everything. Her skin, paper white, she appeared to be dead at first glance but upon closer observation, you could see the slight, almost unnoticeable movement of her black eyes. Her eyes, pitch black and hollow, as though someone carved out every emotion they had once held. They also appeared to hold some kind of internal creature but Inuyasha couldn’t see from where he was standing. Another thing was that her presence made the air at least 20 degrees colder. He had shivers running down his spine. The air grew even colder when she looked directly at him with her one visible eye even though he could feel the other looking at him just the same.

“Who are you and why do you smell like Kagome?” Inuyasha shouted once he regained his composure.

Kagome looked at him, emoting surprise. She stood perfectly still as Inuyasha continued to yell, rant and rave about how she smelled like herself. After a moment she realized that Inuyasha didn’t recognize her. Dark thoughts flew through her head as he continued yelling at her. She looked at him once more when he began cursing at her. He froze instantly, feeling the immense cold her gaze brought. His words were frozen and he couldn’t breathe. He looked on in pure horror as the demon opened her mouth to speak.

“Inuyasha, don’t you recognize me?” she asked, her voice as colder than her presence and her gaze combined.

It took Inuyasha a moment to recover from the arctic cold front he had just received. She confused him with her words. He had met her before? Surely he would remember someone who was colder than 5 Sesshomaru’s put together. His mind drew a blank upon trying to remember this woman. The part of her face he could see was some what familiar but he couldn’t put his clawed finger on who she some what resembled. His head began to hurt from too much thinking at one time. He put his hands on the sides of his head and began shaking it back and forth, trying to get a grip on what he was trying to figure out but his brain couldn’t take that much information to process and recover at one time. If Inuyasha had thought any more, he would have gone brain dead.

“Maybe this will refresh your memory.” Stated Kagome.

Inuyasha looked up, fear in his eyes as he thought of what she would do. He thought of all the female youkai he had met and thought of what they all did to him. He shivered out of fear and the memories as they flooded through his mind. He looked at the demoness before him now and nearly peed his pants out of fear. As she inhaled a large breath, he waited for the inevitable. All he heard come out of her was one whispered word. He opened his eyes to see that nothing had happened until he felt that all too familiar pull from around his neck.

Kagome watched with sadistic joy as Inuyasha’s eyes widened in surprise as his fear shaken body met with its old and forgotten friend, the dirt. It took a moment for the spell to wear off but it was worth the wait. The look on his face was priceless. Confusion mixed with realization and anger. He pulled himself out of the ground and stood in shock. He raised his hand and pointed at the demon.

“Ka… Kago… Kagome?” he asked in a shaken voice, dripping with shock.

Kagome merely nodded as she sensed other people coming. She knew who they were but she didn’t think she was ready to face her friends and the bitch who helped make her who she was at that moment. She didn’t want to see her friends faces and hear their words and questions as to why she as that way. She wasn’t ready.

Kikyo was the first to enter the clearing, followed closely by Miroku, Sango and Shippo. Kikyo ran over and hugged Inuyasha from behind. Miroku, Sango and Shippo froze upon seeing the demon named Kagome. When Kikyo spotted Kagome, she quickly drew an arrow and took aim. Kagome created a long bow with her shadow powers and pulled out an arrow that she elongated with her shadow powers, and took aim at Kikyo. Before either could shoot, Inuyasha stopped them.

“No, Kikyo. Don’t shoot. Don’t hurt Kagome.” He stated as though he were in a trance.

Kikyo dropped her weapon in shock. Miroku fell to the ground from fear and surprise. Sango dropped hirikotsu and Kirara as she tried to register who was before her and what Inuyasha just said. Shippo smiled with joy as he ran toward his foster mother. Kagome still had her long bow targeted on Kikyo when Shippo got close to her. Without even turning toward him, she used her shadow powers to gently push him back down the hill. No matter how hollow Inuyasha had made her, she still cared about Miroku, Sango and Shippo.

After Shippo had reached the bottom of the hill, she pulled the string tight and fired her black, long bow arrow right at Inuyasha. Unfortunately, the arrow never hit its intended target for Kikyo had blocked it with and arrow of her own. The black arrow landed in a tree, killing it on contact. The path that the arrow took through the air was marked by a streak of black, hovering in the air. Every one looked on in shock at the new, dark Kagome.