by Kuro


Chapter Two



The new version of the Inu Taichi sat lazily around their cooking food inside Kaede’s old hut. Kaede had died recently of old age. Miroku rested against the wall near the door, his staff leaning against his shoulder. Next to him sat Sango. She was cooking the fish Inuyasha and Miroku had caught earlier that day. Sango had no fear of Miroku’s “Possessed” hand for he had finally learned his lesson after Kagome left. Shippo laid on his back, staring off into space. He was 13 now, growing more each day. He raised his hand and began drawing designs only he could see in the air, humming quietly to himself.

Inuyasha sat against the opposite wall, Kikyo sleeping in his lap, his sword lying on the floor next to him. Everyone had been opposed to letting Kikyo join the group for fear of when Kagome would return. But after a month with no Kagome and a sealed well, they conceded. Inuyasha stroked Kikyo’s head in a gentle motion so not to wake her. They had yet to complete the jewel and kill Naraku for two reasons. Reason one being that the bastard Naraku was nowhere to be found and there was no why to track him. Reason two being that Kagome had taken their half of the jewel with her five years ago.

Inuyasha sighed heavily. He missed Kagome. He missed her so much. Everything about her amazed him. Her mannerisms confused him, like her need to bathe everyday. He knew it was a custom in her time but it seemed unhealthy and stupid to him. Ramen, hai, his best food friend, Ramen. How he loved that simple soup product. He would go crazy without it. Actually, he did. Within a week of Kagome being gone, he went crazy because there was no Ramen. He had to settle with cooked fish or different types of eatable plants. He hated both but settled for fish since it was meat. He missed her fiery attitude and spirit. He loved how she always thought she could defend herself when he wanted to defend her for her. He missed her laugh, so young and carefree. Kagome herself was young and carefree, well except when it came to hunting the jewel shards and Naraku. When Kagome left, he blamed Naraku. Inuyasha remembered how he would yell into the air, “Naraku you bastard! Where are you hiding Kagome?” but then they learned that when Naraku says he doesn’t have something, he means it. He also missed her unique scent. Cherries and lilacs, what a beautiful scent indeed.

Just then Inuyasha smelt something familiar in the air. As he sniffed the air, Sango, Miroku and Shippo grew tense and ready to fight but their call to battle never came as Inuyasha set Kikyo on the floor, waking her up in the process, and went to the door. He stuck his head out and sniffed again. He was positive now. As he ran out of the hut, everyone heard him say, “Kagome” Kikyo was the fist to follow him, followed closely by the rest of their makeshift group.

Inuyasha ran up the path to the well with joy in his heart. He was going to see Kagome again. After five long years, he would finally get to see her. He wondered how much she had changed in those five years. He hoped she was still the care free person she had always been but he knew better than to call her a girl now. More than likely she was a beautiful young woman. When the well came into sight, his heart did a back flip. He stopped at the edge of the clearing in order to see where she was standing. When he looked to his right, he saw what he thought was her but it wasn’t. ‘That couldn’t be her. That’s a demon, Kagome is human. Who is that?’ He answered his own thoughts by shouting at the unfamiliar female.

“Who the hell are you?”