How Old Is Britt Barbie, Age? Singer Of Period Ahh Period Uhh, Record Deal, And Net Worth - (2024)

Britt Barbie is a controversial TikToker who lately gained popularity on social media.

She gained popularity among users of the app after posting a clip of her song “Period Ahh Period Uhh” on TikTok.

People began dancing, reacting to, making fun of, and making fun of the song on TikTok like they do with everything that becomes viral. However, when several rappers and singers started duetting and add

ing their verses to the tune, the song—and Britt Barbie in general—exploded in popularity.

The song “Period Ahh Period Uhh” gained a huge influx of fans after being covered by artists ranging from rappers like Baby Tate to vocalists like Chloe and Bebe Rexha. As a result, the song went on to become even more popular.

How Old Is Britt Barbie?

How Old Is Britt Barbie, Age? Singer Of Period Ahh Period Uhh, Record Deal, And Net Worth - (1)

Britt Barbie has just gained fame, but she hasn’t given the internet her precise age.

She appears to be in her 20s, yet she could be as young as her early teens. She is likely in her 20s, according to many websites.

The young TikToker has one of those faces that looks like it might fit anywhere, which is one of the reasons her age is difficult to determine, aside from the fact that she hasn’t stated it herself. The young girl appears to be fairly young, based on her attitude, the way she carries herself, and how proficiently she uses the program.

Therefore, whoever Britt Barbie may be, she is most likely in her early to mid-20s.

Where Is Britt Barbie From?

Her usage of the AAVE slang “Period” suggests that she might be from a city area and have grown up in a diverse neighborhood. She could be a young girl who heard the term online and decided to make a song about it.

What Is Britt Barbie’s Ethnicity?

How Old Is Britt Barbie, Age? Singer Of Period Ahh Period Uhh, Record Deal, And Net Worth - (2)

The TikTok sensation. Britt Barbie seems to be of caucasian ethnicity, though some have joked she might be very light-skinned.

This comes from the fact that she flippantly uses African American vocabulary, leading TikTok to split into three camps.

The first are people who find her funny and harmless, the second find her offensive and stupid, and the third find her culturally appropriating.

Who Is Britt Barbie Dating?

Britt Barbie has not mentioned being in a relationship in any of her TikTok videos. A screenshot shows that Britt Barbie had direct messaged him on Instagram and the start of a conversation.

Did Britt Barbie Get A Record Deal?

An Instagram page called @drip2fye started the rumor that Britt Barbie got a record deal. YBN Drippy, who has over 176K followers on Instagram, claimed that he had signed Britt Barbie to Atlantic Records.

Britt Barbie was quick to make sure that her fans knew that she was in no way affiliated with the man nor signed to him.

Britt Barbie’s Record Deal

  1. Once Crystal Crave’s conversation with YBN Drippy about her career and Britt BArbie came out, people started asking more questions.
  2. As they went through Drippy’s Instagram page, it became apparent that the man was faking everything.
  3. His posts included various artists who not only weren’t on the same label but had little in common in terms of style and aesthetics.
  4. Then there were the man’s stories that, although they did feature various rappers and singers, could easily be seen as him stealing their stories from their page and posting it on his own.

What Is The Backlash Against Britt Barbie?

The term “period” or “periods” is a well-known term in the African American community and is used especially by African American women.

The term is used as an exclamation to show a person’s final word, where there is nothing else to be stated or debated. As with everything else African Americans have created, the term has entered the mainstream public’s consciousness.

How Old Is Britt Barbie, Age? Singer Of Period Ahh Period Uhh, Record Deal, And Net Worth - (3)

Britt Barbie is one in a long line of young caucasian people appropriating African American culture and using it in a racially insensitive way, i.e., making it a joke.

The record deal rumor only intensified this camp’s dislike of the TikToker and her content. Despite the false record deal, people’s hitherto unrealized anger came bursting out the seams to be directed at Britt Barbie.

There is another camp of people who have mentioned their disapproval of Britt Barbie: the disabled community.

Britt Barbie was under fire with the African American and disabled communities giving her copious amounts of scrutiny, and her accounts here unceremoniously banned. After pointing out these inconsistencies, jerseyboydrew spoke about how he has high-function autism and that conditions like these are not a joke.

How Much Is Britt Barbie’s Net Worth?

Britt Barbie has an estimated net worth of $100 Thousand as of 2022 through her many TikTok videos.

During the height of her viral fame, she had over 800K subscribers. The “period ahh period uhh video” had been viewed over 5 million times.

She has been banned from TikTok and even Instagram, perhaps due to people mass reporting her accounts.

How Old Is Britt Barbie, Age? Singer Of Period Ahh Period Uhh, Record Deal, And Net Worth - (2024)
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