Wednesday October 10, 2007 - 3:24am (Site)

Do you offer hosting?

Actually, yes. I will accept a few sites to host. There are a few conditions though.
1. You must have had a site before, and know how to run a website.
2. You must know how to upload with your own ftp program.
3. The site must NOT contain illegal content. (No mp3's or episodes)

If those conditions are met, I will set you up a subdomain. All subdomain will have 25-50 MB disk storage (depending on the type of site you will have) and 15 GB monthly bandwidth.

If you are interested you may contact me through my contact form or animeeuphoria[at]animeeuphoria[dot]com. Whwn contacting me send this information.

1. I need your subdomain name. For example, one of my hostees sites is
http://311.animeeuphoria.com I need you to give me a name or letters and
numbers for the '311'. It is a subdomain so it will end with the
.animeeuphoria.com And to make it simplier for you, the shorter the
better. ^_^

2. A username

3. A password (this password must be 6 letters and/or numbers long)

That's it. As soon as I hear something from you, I will set up your url. ^_^

Hosting is limited.

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