Chapter 7


A large, cat like creature watched the Inu Taichi silently, observing them as they camped of the night. Its’ glowing acid green eyes watched emotionlessly was the small group began to break down. The young woman began to cry again, she had been doing that all day. The teenager sat in silence, he had not spoken a word for quite some time. The young man comforted the crying woman, himself crying silently. The hanyou sat in a tree and stared at the stars. His eyes glazed with thought. He had been on edge, since his clay priestess died again. The creature watched as the small group went into a dreamless sleep. Once the fire was out, it turned and left. It ran through the forest, dodging trees without a sound. Its massive paws and body flew effortlessly through night until it reached another clearing.

Sesshomaru sat in silence, his back resting against a large oak tree. He had sent her to follow them at dawn, it was now around midnight, where could she be? He glanced at the sky again, there was no moon. Inuyasha was human, he couldn’t cause her any trouble. Just as he began to worry, he sensed a great energy coming toward him at a fast pace. He watched the patch of trees in front of him. After a moment, a pair of acid green eyes appeared in the darkness. The creature was as tall as he was, and was 20 feet from nose to tail. It stalked forward, its silver claws reflecting the light of the moon. As the creature stepped into the light, it changed. Its paws turned into boots. Soon, Karappo was standing before him, her eyes still glowing acid green with the after affects of her transformation.


“It would seem that the group is slowly beginning to fall apart. Kikyo died early this morning and the hanyou hasn’t said a word since. He swore that I would pay for killing his love, even though she was already dead.”

“Good, we’ll attack at dawn.”

They watched the sky, waiting for the sun to peak over the skies, so they may begin their hunt.


The morning sun hurt his eyes. It was bright and warm but didn’t make him feel better. He had lost his one and only love again, cuz of her copy, gone wrong. He remembered the moment, when she left him again. They had awoken the morning before to her gasping breaths. He had held her in his arms as she drifted into an eternal sleep. Tears grazed his eyes as he shouted into the sky, hoping she would hear him.

“Kagome! You will pay with your life for killing Kikyo!”

He knew the rest of his friends were sad, not for Kikyo, but for Kagome. She had lost everything and given herself away for no apparent reason. He didn’t care what had happened to cause all of this, the only thing her cared about was avenging Kikyo by killing Naraku and Kagome, he wouldn’t let either of them get away with what they had done to her. The sounds of his friends waking brought him out of his thoughts. He jumped down as the gathered their things and began traveling again, unaware of who was hunting them.


Karappo and SesshoMaru had found their prey around noon, they were traveling down an abandoned path. They vstalked them, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. They surrounded the group like two wolves, one on either side. Their plan was simple, Sesshomaru would distract the group while Karappo worked on her spell that would bind them to the ground. After, they would kill Inuyasha with a combination of magic and physical force. The plan was full proof, the hanyou would have no power against shadow magic as the Tesusaiga was made to slay demons, it couldn’t withstand against magic.

The perfect moment came when the group put their guard down, thinking that they were safe. Sesshomaru prepared to make his presence known while Karappo began her spell. They glanced at each other before Sesshomaru attacked. He jumped out of the trees and just attacked, like this battle meant nothing. Inuyasha was caught by surprise, he had apparently not sensed them coming. He barely dodged Tokijin as SesshoMaru brought it down upon the hanyou.

Karappo had no time to watch the battle, she had to concentrate on her spell. She called upon all the shadows around her and combined the power together into a floating orb, it grew larger as she continued to place power into it. Soon, it was complete. She stood, ready to cast this curse she had created. Her hands held the orb as the incantation rang threw her head. Anytime now, Sesshomaru would send the signal for her to unleash the curse upon the unsuspecting group. Just as she finished that thought, the signal came. Sesshomaru leaped in the air and looked in her direction.

Karappo placed her hands, spread in front of her, one on top of the other. The black orb hovered in front of her hands as she spoke the incantation. It started in a whisper then grew into a yell as the power of the orb cleared the trees and vegetation before her. The group stared at her in both awe and fear. The orb’s energy crackled a bit as an invisible wind caused her hair and trench coat to fly up. It took all her strength to stand there and not be blown away.

Her Latin became mumbled as she neared the end of the curse. She released the orb and it flew, creating a tidal wave of black with it. It reached the shocked group before any of them could try to move. Each one of them was sealed in a body cast of darkness and their weapons were taken from them, they tried to free themselves only to find that they couldn’t move. Only their heads could move. The black wave settled on the ground and soon vanished as Karappo and Sesshomaru approached.

Karappo stood in front of the immobile hanyou as he began to struggle again. Sesshomaru watched as Karappo began the curse that would send Inuyasha to hell. She stood silent as she pulled out a black sutra. She placed it upon Inuyasha’s head and he instantly froze. She put her hands into the shape of the Egyptian emblem of death and began her curse.

“Bound at every limb by my shackles of fear. Sealed with lies through so many tears. Lost from within, pursuing the end. I fight for the chance to be lied to again. You will never be strong enough. You will never be good enough. You were never conceived in love. You will not rise above. They'll never see, I'll never be. I'll struggle on and on to feed this hunger burning deep inside of me. But through my tears breaks a blinding light. Birthing a dawn to this endless night. Arms outstretched, awaiting me. An open embrace upon a bleeding tree. Rest in me and I'll comfort you. I have lived and I died for you. Abide in me and I vow to you. I will never forsake you. They'll never see, I'll never be. I'll struggle on and on to feed this hunger burning deep inside of me. They'll never see, I'll never be. I'll struggle on and on to feed this hunger burning deep inside of me. Rest in me and I'll comfort you. I have lived and I died for you. Abide in me and I vow to you. I will never forsake you.”


Inuyasha’s soul lost its grip upon him and was released to hell. He knew he was dead, but he didn’t know how or why. He walked down a tunnel with a light at the end. As he neared the light, a figure appeared. It walked toward him slowly. The figure turned into Kikyo when she got closer to him. She stood in front of him for a moment then, she pulled him into a hug. He returned it happily.

“Inuyasha, you must go back.”

“How can I? I’m dead, killed by Kagome’s curse.”

“I will restore you to life. I will use what is left of my power to send your soul back and break the curse that binds you motionless.”

With that, Kikyo released a bright white light.


The curse broke as Inuyasha launched himself out of the cocoon. Karappo had no time to react as he vanished into the trees without a trace. She looked to Sesshomaru, only to see a questioning look upon his normally stoic face. She looked to the trees again as she silently cursed Kikyo for ruining her plans. She stood still, not moving an inch as she surveyed the area for any sign of the hanyou, there was none, not even a scent trail remained. Silence filled the area as all life seemed to vanish, the quiet before the storm.

Suddenly, Inuyasha came down and used his claws to tear through Karappo’s back. Karappo let out an inhuman scream as his claws ripped through her cloths and flesh. Inuyasha felt her blood on his finger and claws and felt his claws tear through her skin but he could see no wounds, as if her skin instantly healed itself after his claws passed it. Karappo’s body fell forward as his claws went down the length of her back, from the base of her neck to right above her hind end. After his claws released her skin, he jumped away, waiting to see the damage he had done to her.

Karappo caught herself in mid fall after Inuyasha had jumped away from her. Her black hair covered her bare back while the front of her shirt covered her front, still hanging on by the sleeves. Silence enveloped the clearing as they stood. No one moved out of fear that Karappo would pounce and kill. She stood, perfect as a statue. Her body rigid as she contemplated on what to do. She could sense the fear emitting from the hanyou and unease from the demon lord. Her friends were frightened into shock. Everyone stood behind her, waiting for her next move.

A wind swept Karappo’s hair up into the air. No one else was affected by this sudden change in the air. They watched as the wind split her hair down the middle and laid a half over each shoulder. That was not what shocked them the most. They all gasped at what adorned her back.

Upon her back lay an image that was tattooed into her flesh. The image started on the back of her neck and went down to the very base of her back. It was an image of a staff with a crescent moon blade at the top, levitating in the curve of the blade was a crimson orb. The staffs’ base was buried within a skull that was bleeding, it had fangs and holes on top of its head for ears. A vine of black roses curled around the blade, staff and skull. Around all of this was a curse. Before anyone could read the curse, a black, fishnet pattern appeared upon her skin. Then, it began to force itself up through her skin to the surface where it turned to cloth. Underneath the layer of fishnet, her skin turned black as another layer of cloth formed over the first. Finally, the third layer of cloth, leather, formed over the previous two. Karappo turned toward them with such force, that not only did her hair fly over her head and gently land on her back, but everyone behind her fell backwards. By the look in her eyes, they knew some one was going to pay for attempting to injure her.