Chapter 6


“A monster? What kind of monster Inuyasha?” asked Miroku, he didn’t believe what the hanyou had told him.

Inuyasha looked at everyone around him, they didn’t believe him. How could they not? They saw that he was scared and they didn’t believe that it was a monster that had caused it? How stupid they where was unbelievable. Back to Miroku’s question, he didn’t know what kind of monster it was, but he knew that it was evil, and had a thirst for blood, more importantly, his blood. That’s what frightened him, plus the fact that he had never seen such a thing in his life, and he had seen many scary things.

”I don’t know. It was thirsty for my blood, that’s all I can really tell you guys.”

They looked at Inuyasha again. Their looks were that of doubt. They didn’t believe that a ‘monster’ had scared him, just Kagome. She was, after all, very frightening now that she had changed. She was more frightening than anything the gang had ever seen. They never thought that Kagome could ever be that dark, it seemed impossible to them. They stayed silent for what seemed like and eternity, no one even moved. It was as if time had stopped, not even the wind blew to disturb the scene.

“I think I know what Inuyasha saw.” Stated Kikyo, breaking the silence.

Every one turned to the wounded, dead, priestess. No one but Inuyasha had interest into what she was about to say but they knew if they didn’t at least looked like they gave a shit, they would get a crap loud of shit from Inuyasha later. Kikyo slowly pushed herself up, on her good arm. Then she put herself into a sitting position. After a moment of her catching her breath, Kikyo looked to the group again.

“In order for Kagome to become a dark priestess, she had to sell her soul to a demon. But since I have half of her soul, she had to fuse her soul with that of a demon instead. In doing so, the souls merged together to form a form of spirit creature, what Inuyasha saw. In moments of great emotion, the creature will appear in the gateways to the soul, the eyes. This creature is nothing but raw power, her and the demons power combined. If Kagome were to release this creature, she would have no control of her power and therefore kill us all.”

Everyone was silent after Kikyo had finished. They didn’t know what to say. Kagome had the power to kill them and she was part demon now. That was just too much. No one knew how to handle the new situation, it was far to confusing for them. What would they do now? They had a new enemy, who used to be their friend, and she wants them all dead. No one, except Kikyo, thought they could kill Kagome, she was their friend right? There was no longer a positive answer for that one anymore.

“So, Kagome is a hanyou now?” asked Inuyasha.

Kikyo looked at him a moment, than at the rest of the group. How could she tell them the truth? Their faces told her that their hearts were already broken. What she had to tell them would certainly shatter them.

“No, Inuyasha, she isn’t a hanyou. She’s a full blooded youkai.”

Everyone fell apart.


Kagome walked silently through the forest. No sound could be heard for miles, the birds stopped singing, animals went into hiding, even the wind stopped in her presence. The sky had darkened as clouds began to overlap and block the sun. Kagome could see clearly through the darkness of the forest as her eyes changed color, white to black and black to white. As she walked, she felt a presence behind her, following her. After traveling for a while longer, her stalker revealed himself.

“Who are you and why are you trespassing in my lands?”

Kagome stopped walking and said, “Konnichiwa, Sesshomaru Sama. To what do I owe this visit?”

“Answer my question or I will kill you.”

“I was once called Kagome, but now I am called Karappo. I am merely on my way to kill your half brother.”

“You can not be the wench that travels with that hanyou, she was human.”

“I was human, but I fused my soul with that of a demon and became a demon myself. Now if you will excuse me, I must go kill Inuyasha.”

Karappo began to walk away when Sesshomaru stopped her.

“I am the one who will kill Inuyasha.”

Karappo looked back over her shoulder and said, “Why? Because he is a flaw on your perfect family tree? Because he represents the weakness your father had? Those aren’t reasons, they’re excuses. I have reasons. He took my heart, tore it apart, threw in on the ground, stepped on it then threw it in my face. He carved out every emotion I had ever held and took everything I ever had away from me. It’s because of him I tried to commit suicide. But I’m here because I couldn’t die knowing he was still alive. I came to kill him so I could die in peace. When you can think of a reason better than that, maybe I’ll let you help kill him.”

Karappo turned back and walked away in silence. Sesshomaru was stunned to say the least. She was right, his reasons were excuses. What she had said had hit something deep within him. He was mesmerized. She was very powerful and cold. She emitted strength from every part of her being. Not only was she powerful but she was also very beautiful. Her white skin glowed in the dark light and her cloths accented her womanly curves so wonderfully. Sesshomaru had always thought that Kagome was beautiful but in a girlish way. Now that she was a demon, she was gorgeous. Just then, Sesshomaru thought of a plan that would get him closer to her and also allow him to kill Inuyasha.

“Karappo, halt.”

Karappo stopped walking and waited for Sesshomaru to catch up to her.

“I have a proposition for you.”

Karappo cocked a black eyebrow.

“I’m listening.”

“We team up. We’ll be able to both kill Inuyasha and when you commit suicide, I’ll be able to stop your ‘friends’ from stopping you. As well as our forces combined could beat Naraku.”

Karappo thought a moment. He did have a point. She considered the alternatives to his offer but found it the only logical answer.

“Sesshomaru Sama, you have yourself a partner.”