Chapter 5


Inuyasha charged up the hill toward Kagome. He held his sword high above his head. He folded his ears back as the wind began to annoy him. He gritted his teeth out of frustration, he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t kill her. No matter how mad he was that she had tried to kill Kikyo, he couldn’t bring himself to kill her. He just couldn’t. He still cared about her, more now than ever. She was allowing him to kill her by not defending herself. Inuyasha prayed for her as he leapt into the air above her. He came down with great speed. Not expecting what happened next.

Kagome watched in silence as Inuyasha charged toward her. Knowing exactly what he was going to do, she prepared herself to kill him. As he came down upon her with his sword, she drew her twin katana’s. Raised them above her head in an X formation and caught his sword. Inuyasha’s eyes widened in shock as she forced him back down the hill. When he reached the bottom, she jumped in the air and brought her swords down upon him. Inuyasha blocked with the Tesusaiga. Sparks flew from where the swords were clashing. Staring, eye to eye, two competitions for dominance began.

Inuyasha stared straight into Kagome’s one visible eye, seeing nothing, not even anger or aggression. It was a hollow void, begging for something to fill it. As Inuyasha pushed Kagome back a bit, it got its wish. A strange emotion that he had never seen in his life filled her hollow eye. His eyes widened as the emotion took shape into some kind of creature. As it took a more solid form, he felt pure unrestrained terror flow through his blood. His whole body froze, solid as a block of ice. His grip on his sword loosened and Kagome knocked it aside. As the Tesusaiga flew through the air, Kagome kicked Inuyasha in the chest. Inuyasha landed on the ground, unmoving, as Kagome placed one blade at his throat and the other was ready to stab him through.

They stayed that way for what seemed like an eternity. Kikyo cried out for her to show the mercy they never showed her, to Inuyasha and spare his life. Miroku was holding Sango back as she tried with all her might to stop Kagome from making what they thought was going to be the worst mistake of her life. What they didn’t know was that Kagome had already made the mistake, going to the feudal era in the first place. If she hadn’t gone back to this era, she wouldn’t be who she was at that moment. She would be a happy adult with a high paying job and a fiancé. A big house and expensive cars. She would probably be very rich but she’s not. She’s a woman who tried to kill herself but failed, sold her soul in order to lose all the pain she had ever felt because of one person and their actions.

Kagome was about to end Inuyasha’s miserable life when a scent hit her nose. She lifted her head into the air and smelt it. She knew exactly who it was and she didn’t want to battle them. She placed her katana’s in their sheaths and straightened herself. Out of nowhere came this funnel of darkness. It surrounded Kagome then both Kagome and the black whirlwind vanished. Everyone stared in shock at the spot where Kagome was standing just one moment before. It didn’t make sense, if Kagome wanted to kill Inuyasha, then why would she bail on her one moment to kill him. Just then, Shippo sniffed the air and revealed that answer to everyone.

“I smell Naraku nearby.”

Everyone understood now, she didn’t want to face Naraku just yet. And with good reason. Inuyasha still laid motionless on the ground. Kikyo crawled over to him and tried to stir him from his state of shock but nothing worked. Miroku walked over to him when Kikyo could not wake him. Miroku hit Inuyasha on the head with his staff, thoroughly reviving the hanyou. Inuyasha rubbed his head and cursed at the Monk. Sango and Shippo walked over to the group as Miroku began to ask a question.

“Inuyasha, what did you see that scared you so much?”

Inuyasha looked at every one around him. Then at his lap. He didn’t know how to describe it. He silently searched for the right words but found none. He tried his hardest to find the right word, when it came to him. He looked up at Miroku and the others and spoke.

“A monster.”