Wounded – Chapter One

The sight before her made her want to die. She couldn’t believe that he would just take her heart and then throw it right back in her face. Her jaw quivered as the tears began to fall, the pain was too much. The tears fell like rain as he continued to tear her apart. She fell to her knees as their passion-educed cries filled the air. ‘Why?’ was the only thought on her mind as she watched the display of love before her. After a moment, she regained her strength and ran, ran towards her only way home. When the darkened passage came into sight, she jumped, never to return to the world of demons, monsters and the one who destroyed her, never to be repaired.

‘That was five years ago’, Kagome thought to herself. ‘You destroyed me that day, Inuyasha, I’ll never forgive you.’ Kagome recalled what had happened after she had returned to her home. The cheerful, carefree girl everyone knew and loved was gone, replaced by a person who was made of pain, loss, depression and hate. Kagome destroyed every memory of the hanyou, bricking the window so he couldn’t get in through it, sealing the well so he couldn’t come to get her. She painted her room pitch black, got black furniture and clothes.

She became a dark priestess, absorbing the soul of a shadow demon to gain its powers and abilities. In turn, her skin turned paper white and around her eyes, her lips and claws turned black. She grew fangs and a panther’s tail. She used only black arrows that were covered in her own curses, black katana’s, daggers and a staff that had a crescent moon blade on the end that held a large, crimson orb, an orb the size of her head. She had a tattoo upon her back that marked her as a dark shadow priestess.

She mastered her shadow demon abilities. Her weapons training went easy. She learned every curse, spell, enchantment and attack for her dark powers. She could move faster than the blink of an eye kill in one blow. Her strength was tripled and her speed was immeasurable. She was the best, unbeatable. Her power was compared to that of Midoriko’s. Some say she even surpassed Midoriko.

Her style of clothes changed too. She wore kick ass army boots that went to the knee and were black. Black, baggy pants, which she tucked into her boots, with chains everywhere on them. A baggy, black shirt that also had chains on it. A long, black trench coat that hid her daggers and had chains in the front. Under all of that, she wore a shirt of fish net, cuts on the wrist from when she slit her wrists. The sleeves of the fish net and the shirt covered all the scars on her arms from when she used to cut. Her hair had grown down to her ankles; it no longer waved, but sat straight on her back. Her bangs no longer bounced up but were gelled straight, covering half of her face; she used her own blood to hold it there. Around her neck sat a pitch black fragment of the Shikon no Tama, her hollow soul turned it that color. With it sat a small, crimson orb. This orb, when pulled off her neck and thrown into the air, would grow in size and create the staff she used and loved so.

“Five years, five long years.” Kagome said to herself as she looked into the blood stained mirror. “Maybe I should pay them a visit. After all, I do need to get the rest of the jewel from that bastard and his bitch.” She said with distaste covering her usually emotionless voice. She grabbed her katana’s, placed them on either side of her hips, her bow and arrows, hooking them to either leg and took one last look at herself before she left for the well.

She stared on at the seal that had bound the well for five long and painful years. She had placed that seal when she was still a pure priestess. She scoffed at her past self, so young and stupid. She placed her pointer finger on the seal and it disintegrated on contact. She stepped back as the well doors flew open and the feeling of frustration with it. ‘Inuyasha.’ She thought to herself as she stepped onto the rim of the well and jumped in. the feeling of the magic of the well unwelcome to her cold skin. When she landed, she looked skyward. It was night. She climbed out of the well and stood, looking at her surroundings. As she gazed on, she heard that all too familiar yell.

“Who the hell are you?”