The Silver Haired Hanyou On the Seven Seas


Chapter 2


Kagome woke up to a throbbing in her head. It felt as if she'd been ran over by ten
She cracked a eye open and waited for her vision to clear.
"Uhg... My head."
She put her head in her hands and moaned in pain.
"What the hell happened?” She muttered.
She took her hands away from her head and stared at her hands. Each digit was
covered in her blood.
She touched her temple and winced in pain.
She looked around the room, her gaze blank.
The room was all wood. In the middle of the room a blue and green area rug sat. A
dresser was pushed to a side wall and there was a window above the bed, the only
source of light. The single bed was draped in cotton sheets with matching pillows.
Kagome sat up from the bed and went to the door, where she jiggled the handle.
"Where the hell am I?" Kagome asked herself.
A click sounded in the door and it opened.
In walked in a young curvy woman. Her hair was a bright red held in pig tails by two
lily white flowers.
She wore a black skirt that reached her knees and a blue shirt. It was cut into a V
neck and stopped at her mid drift. On her feet she wore a pair of strapped heels.
"Who are you?" Kagome asked nervously, shifting from side to side.
"That is none of you concern,” She said a face of stone, "Here change into this”.
She tossed some clothing on the bed and left...locking the door behind her.
Kagome raised a eye brow.
"Where the hell am I?” Kagome asked frustrated.
She looked down at her self and blushed.
Her skirt was torn up to her panty line, probably from a nail on the dock. Her shirt
was rumpled and twisted and she was missing a shoe.
So Kagome changed.
She wore a corset that pushed all the essentials up, making to seem like they were
popping out. It was purple and black. There were ties on the side of it and strips
of fabric running along the top, just below the lace that framed it. She wore a
small black mini skirt, just an inch below her butt, and a pair of ankle leather
boots. Her hair hung limply at her shoulders and a small choker was tied around her
Kagome blushed and tried to yank her skirt down.
The door opened again and the same girl came through. She grabbed Kagome by her
bruised wrist and dragged her out the door.
"Miss? Where am I?" Kagome asked as she was dragged along the stair and in a dark
"Would you shut up? You’ll get your answer soon enough!" The woman snapped,
tightening her grip on Kagome's wrist.
"Will you at least tell me your name?"
The woman growled and glared at her through the corner of her eye.
"Ayame." The women replied curtly.
Kagome remain quiet for the rest of the way.
She walked through another hallway and into a warmly lit room. She was sat on the
bed and told to stay there.
The door closed and clicked locked.
Kagome waited and tugged at her skirt, feeling naked.
The door opened fifteen minutes later.
The man who had captured her stood in the doorway and stalked into the room. He had
a look of intensity on his face.
Kagome shifted uncomfortably and pulled at her skirt.
"You. Who are you?” He asked in a stoic voice.
"I should be asking you the same question!" Kagome yelled in a rage.
Inuyasha raised his hand and slapped Kagome. Her neck snapped to the side as the
burning sensation caressed the side of her face.
Her eyes were blurred and she could taste blood in her mouth.
"Do not speak unless spoken to!"
Kagome's eyes held fear, and her scent told the same.
"You’re frightened...” He observed, with a chuckle.
"Yes I'm scared! You were just hitting be around like a common bitch!!"
He put a hand on each side if her head, as he leaned in close, mere inches apart.
"You are.” His breath mingled with hers.
Inuyasha shoved away from the wall and grabbed a hold of her upper arm.
"OWW!!" Kagome yelled, trying to pry his hand off her arm. The area was being
bruised and thin blood lines flowed down her arms.
Inuyasha whirled around and glared at her.
Kagome froze her struggling and stared back at him.
"I told you to keep your trap shut!"
Kagome’s eyes glittered with unshed tears as she tried desperately not to let them
fall. His gaze felt like acid on her skin. The ship rock and she stumbled but
regained her footing quickly.
He pulled her to the main deck and shoved through the men that were on the deck.
Kagome pulled at her skirt. The men were large burly men; they sat along the side of
the ships deck.
Kagome glanced around and saw the woman from before.
“Alright men!” Inuyasha bellowed.
A few men brought in a group of younger men, who looked very disgruntled.
There was a total of five men. The first one had sandy brown hair and brown eyes,
much like the one next to him, they had to be brothers. The one next to him was a
short blonde and a tall red-headed fellow. Finally the last on was a dark haired
Kagome fought against her captures restraints. She pulled and twisted in his clawed
grasp. Inuyasha growled low in his throat, he was fed up with her movements.
“Stop.” Inuyasha commanded calmly.
She continued to pulled and yanked at his hand.
“I said STOP!” Inuyasha said, as he back handed her.
“Kagome!!” One of the young men ran to her. He was the one with the dark hair,
pulled into a rattail.
Miroku lunged at Inuyasha. Inuyasha swiped at him, using his dagger.
The dagger punctured his shoulder and blood dribbled down hid side. Inuyasha
growled, how dare someone disobey him?
He growled and hit Miroku roughly on the shoulder, knocking him to the ground. He
kicked him square in the stomach. Blood pooled in his mouth as he coughed, the small cut 
on his forehead from when he hit the ground, bleeding steadily.

“Stop!” Kagome yelled, pulling at Inuyasha’s arm. He brushed her aside knocking her
to the ground.

Miroku glared at Inuyasha.

”Stupid Wench, I told you to mind your business and remain silent!” The enraged
hanyou yelled.

The men gathered Miroku and bound his wrist. He struggle much like his sister had done.

“Take him down stairs and lock him in with Ginta.” Inuyasha instructed his men.

“Miroku!” Kagome cried for her brother.

“I said Shut up!” Inuyasha yelled his face was red from yelling and look ready to kill.

Kagome stopped yelling and glared at the cruel man before her. He took her away from
her home and her brother and he has the nerve to tell her to shut up!

“Sango!” Inuyasha called into the deck.

A woman pushed her way though the ring of men, jabbing her elbow into a few. Her
long dark hair was pulled into a high ponytail and flipped over her shoulder. Her
pants were of black leather and matched her knee high boots. She wore magenta
off-the shoulder top, it wound down her bare stomach and tied in the back. Stashed
in her boot was a jewel incrusted dagger and a plan on in the other boot. Large hoop
earrings hung from her ears and a matching necklace.

“What do you want?”

“Bring this girl into the gallery and feed her, then teach her the ropes of the
ship, we got a new woman.” He handed Kagome to Sango and crossed his arms.
The men were still in a tight group around them, they gave lust filled looks at
Kagome and scared looks at Sango.

“And men? Hands off!” Inuyasha warned, he left and went back to his chambers.

Sango walked to the kitchen area and showed Kagome around, much more pleasant than
the first women she talked to.

“Well I guess you are the newest member of the crew.”

“Crew?” Kagome repeated.

“Ya, The Kizu No Kaze.” She said as the ship sailed into the dead of night.



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