The Silver Haired Hanyou on the Seven Seas


Chapter One


Perfect. That is the word everyone thinks when they think of Kagome Higurashi. Long ebony hair, night sky blue eyes, and creamy skin. It wasn’t just her looks either; the miko in training had the purest soul and was friendly with everyone... well, not 'everyone'.  


“Leave me the hell alone!” A girl that seemed to be in her teens; yelled. A young man stood to her left, with a dumbfounded look on his face. He was a handsome man, with long black hair that was pulled back into a high pony tail, that was held in place by a brown bandana. He was muscular, but not overly bulky and had gorgeous coffee eyes.


“Kagome….please?” the man begged.


“Koga listen to me…I won’t marry you, or be your mate so stop asking!” Kagome fumed.


“But Kag-baby, please reconsider, I love you and want to be with you! We've been together for three damn years, that has got to mean something!” Koga protested.


“No,” Kagome yelled. “It’s all been in your head!”


 Kagome stomped away, her anger at a maximum, turning a corner she headed to work.  


Kagome worked at a simple dinner with her two brothers and mother. She now approached the small familiar eatery.   The diner was small and simple. On the front of the family’s business was a sign that read, ‘Higurashi’, in a black paint. The inside of the diner was warm and cozy. Towards the back was a small wooden bar, and behind this bar stood a young man. He looked a couple years older than Kagome, around 22, at the most. His hair was pulled back into a little pony tail at the nape of his neck, and his violet eyes sparkled with warmth. The rest of the place was hard wood with a couple of chairs, tables, and plates here and there.


Kagome took a seat at the bar, as her brother set a glass of water down for her. Kagome sighed heavily a few times…..getting under Miroku’s skin. Rolling his eyes he turned to Kagome.


“What’s wrong?” Miroku asked in a clearly annoyed voice.


“Koga! He won’t leave me the hell alone! He insists on calling me ‘his woman’!” Kagome ranted for what seemed like hours to Miroku, he meanwhile, just rolled his eyes and muttered something about annoying sisters.


Kagome stopped talking when the bell above the door chimed. Yuka, one of Kagome's close friends; entered. Yuka was tall and powerful for a girl (being a sorceress,and all.)


“Hello Yuka.” Kagome called out, suddenly in a brighter mood.


 “Hey, Kagome… where’s Miroku?”


“Um…he was here.”


“Hentai!” Yuka screamed and smacked the perverted boy over the head with her purse.


“So what do I owe this pleasant visit, oh heavenly goddess?” Miroku asked, with that infamous smirk of his.


Yuka hesitated at first knowing the news would not go over well with Kagome.


Taking a deep breath she screwed up her courage.


“Um…Kagome have you been talking with Koga lately?”


“Yeah, I just was talking to him, why?”


“Well you see,” Yuka could see the suspicion in Kagome's eyes so she decided to just spit it out, “He has been going around saying you agreed to marry him!”


Kagome thought she was going to have a heart attack. ‘Please tell me this is some kind of sick joke.’ Kagome thought mentally. “He’s been saying what?!” Kagome yelled outraged.


“Um…I thought I should tell you before someone else did.”


“Thanks, Yuka.”


Yuka then left swiftly in case Kagome got any angrier.


“Miroku…”Kagome whined.


“Don’t even think about dragging me into this. This is your battle.”


“Ughh…then what good are you?” Kagome said sarcastically.


“Well I make a mean marttinii.” Miroku said with a smirk.


Kagome rolled her eyes and sighed, this was turning out to be one hell of a day. The kitchen door opened and Kagome’s younger brother, Souta came bounding through, followed by her mother. Souta, was small for his age. He was dressed in a dirty shirt and pants. His hair was ebony, much like Kagome’s and Miroku’s, but his had a tint of brown in it. Their mother was dressed in a simple cotton dress the color of blood, with a white apron over it.


 “Kagome, I just herd the news! Congratulations!”


Kagome’s eyes widened in shock and anger.


“Kagome’s got a husband!” Souta teased in a sing-song voice.


“Why you little brat…” Kagome jumped off her stool and chased after Souta. He dodged her attack and raced behind the bar. He hid behind Miroku.


“I ain’t goin’ to save ya.” Miroku said, stepping aside before Kagome jumped him.


Souta was trapped between the bar, Kagome, and a wall off glasses. He opened his mouth and let loose a ear shattering scream. “MOMMM!! KAGOME’S TRYING TO BEAT ME UP AGAIN!!”




The Diner was closed and the sun had set. Every one was asleep except for Kagome. What Kouga was saying was keeping her from getting a decent nights sleep. Tired of staying in her room, Kagome got dressed. She was wearing a black cotton skirt that reached her calf, and a man’s work shirt, tied at the side. She put on her work boots and put her hair up in a pony tail.


When she was dressed she went to her window and unlocked it. She swung a leg over the sill and shimmied down the vines that wrapped around the side of the house. She then wandered down the empty streets of  town. This was the town where she was raised, and she had never left the comfort of this place. Sometimes she wished she had.


 She sauntered lazily down the dock, where it was completely silent except for the sounds of the ocean waves. When she and Miroku were young, they used to sneak down to this place. Their mother hated it, but that never stopped them. Even now, she was still drawn to the sea.


She sat down on the dock and removed her boots, dipping her feet in the cool water. The moon was high and seemed inhuman. Half the dock was covered in shadow, like an alluring poison tricking you to taste what’s beyond that. Kagome closed her eyes and breathed a calming breathe. She then stared at the stars and let her mind wander.


Kouga was claiming she was his fiancée. What say did she get in all this? None at all that’s what. The sound of shoes on wood echoed through the dock. Kagome’s eyes snapped open. She scrambled to her feet and stared into the black abyss.




No one answered. The sound disappeared but their presence still lingered.


“Don’t you know it’s not safe for little girls to be out at night?” A low smooth voice said.


A man stepped out of the shadows and into the light of the moon. He had long flowing hair the shade of snow, and molten amber eyes that glowed with intensity. He wore a pair of black slacks and an open red vest. The vest gave a clear view of his fine toned abs and muscular forearms. He also wore boots that reached his calf, with a dagger wedged in them. Along his waist a kantana was held securely. To top it all off, a red and black bandana was placed over his mop of silver hair.


Kagome studied the man for a moment, taking in all of his features.


“Who are you?” Kagome asked, confused.


The man ignored her and circled, as if catching his prey. Kagome’s eyes shone with fear and defiance. She shuffled back a few feet, keeping his gaze locked. He advanced another step.


“Who are you?” Kagome repeated with urgency.


The man cracked a wicked smile and flashed a pair of canines. He jumped at her and caught hold of her waist and dragged her to the ground. Kagome let out a silent scream as the air rushed from her body. She recovered quickly and made a futile attempt at escape.


She swung at him and managed a blow to his face. He caught hold of her hand and pined them, preventing any other attacks by her hands. She then kicked him in the gut and tried to remove his grip from her hands. He growled and tightened his grip. He straddled her slim waist to prevent any further problems.


Kagome glared at the man above her. He stared at her for a minute and laughed.


'Did that bastard just laugh! That arrogant, cocky, son of a bitch!' “Let me go!” Kagome ordered, irritably.


“Why should I? This so much more fun.” He said firmly.


Kagome began to panic. She tried to buck him off as she squirmed and wiggled, but he was too heavy for her petite form. His solid weight was crushing her. She couldn’t feel anything from the waist down and a rib was probably cracked from when they first fell. Her hands were probably going to be bruised around her wrist, as well. Her skirt had rose up to her thigh and the stitching was biting into her flesh.


'There is no way in hell I am going to loose!' Kagome let her body relax and go limp.


'What the hell?' Inuyasha thought.


Kagome’s entire body began to glow a bright yellow, as it hummed with power. Inuyasha’s hands began to burn.


 “You’re a miko!?” Inuyasha’s hands and legs began to burn with intensity.


“Dammit!” He grabbed the hilt of his dagger as he released her hands. He brought in down on her temple with enough force to knock her out. The glow subsided as did the burning. Satisfied it was safe, Inuyasha picked up the raven haired girl and carried her into the shadows.




Chapter 2